Living room occupies the top place in a house, which you keep more spacious and treasured with stylish decorating materials. You put your entire efforts to design your living room in such a way that provides you a great deal of contentment. You arrange many of the family functions in the living room, so it should have enough space to accommodate them.

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What to do for Awesome Decoration of the Contemporary Living Room?

The first and foremost thing for decorating a living room is to make it cozy and functional for day-to-day living. The color selection for your contemporary living room needs much attention. Gray and white walls and floor are more likely advised. Likewise, rug or carpet and curtains are unforgettable. The color scheme should reflect a fascinating and enlightened environment.

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Overhead lighting and floor lamps can add the beauty to your contemporary living room. Keep in mind the area for reading related activities, which should be well-illuminated. Simple color scheme is the order of the day. It consists of neutral colors like white and gray as suggested. The accessories and furnishings become more prominent due to simple and light colors for walls and floor.

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How to do a Sophisticated Setting?

Since the living rooms are always in use, so you must design it according to casual or formal living. Generally, a living room is a place for hosting and entertaining. For a contemporary living room, most advanced and modern furniture like sofas and eye-catching decoration pieces are preferred. Some homes have sophisticated fireplace and mantle. A television and a large seating place for entertainment is the main part of it. A nice collection of plants can brighten up the room.

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How to Redesign Your Living Room into a Contemporary One

A contemporary living room serves as a lounge, sitting room and sometimes, a guest room. If you want to redesign it, then first focus on the seating area and furniture. Choose sofas and arm chair, according to the space. Take into account that the furniture should not over-crowd your contemporary living room. Glass, mirror and some flowerings make your contemporary living room inspiring.
You can watch T.V., relax, read, eat and do some chat with friends and family. Gorgeous settings of sofas, chairs, side tables and other small elements enhance the outlook of the living room.

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