If you are deciding to renovate your living room or making a new house, the first thing to decide is the color scheme. The Color scheme is the primary thing to keep in mind while making a selection of a right theme for your living area. The color scheme should coordinate well with the furniture, accessories, carpets and floor of the area. You have to keep everything in mind while deciding for the living room paint colors.

Living room is the central point of your home and you need to use balance of colors to keep a lighting appearance around it. It should give a lively feeling and the colors should be decided in such a way that they don’t look awkward after a certain period of time. Classy colors are every time in trend and your area of the living room is essentially important to look for while making the choice for the paint color theme. White or cream tone of paint makes the room appear larger and the accessories fitted in the room appear bright.

Living Room Paint Ideas (1)

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Your walls should be highly impressive and you can use a little tinge of the colors in white to complement the colors well. Brown color of the furniture looks great with light colored walls. However, one wall can be made with a designer concept to give a best look to the area.

There are many other colors like red, blue, orange, yellow and even green used with the complementing lighter tones to give an impressive look to the living area. You need to check out the atmosphere around you as some colors for the climatic variations in the environment. You can highlight the room with fantastic accessories, but getting the right paint done gives the impressive tinge to the theme.

The Choice of living room paint colors is certainly the most important part in designing an impressive house. You can take help of an interior designer or find the concepts on the web to make the perfect selection. Don’t go for anything which might change too rapidly and choose evergreen designs to appear impressive and highlight your room in the most appropriate manner.


  1. I like the idea of having a wall as a “dominating” wall. That way, you can give some character to the room, as well as add some extra color. And, it would be nice to have the dominate wall color the one you choose to focus everything on. That way, more focus will be drawn to that area.