Solid wood furniture is based on the solid natural structure having no hollow spaces as in the other types of furniture. It is the best choice, but demands more care. It is preferred over manufactured furniture because of several reasons, i.e.

Solid Wood Dinning Table

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Advantages of Solid Wood Furniture

• It is durable, long lasting and natural without any chemicals.

• Because it does not contain any artificial lumber, so it protects the environment.

• It is expensive, but comparatively it is like a long term investment.

• Its wood is safe, beautiful and strong. There is no chance of cracks, watermarks, dents and splinters as in the veneered wood.

• It is healthy and does not contain formaldehyde which is supposed to protect wood from parasites, but may be harmful to your family.

• Its quality is better and the gray-pattern is eye-catching.

• Solid wood furniture becomes more attractive with the passage of time, because it gives an antique look and can be refinished.

• Unlike manufactured wood, it is directly obtained from trees and does not need any kind of processing and manufacturing cost.

• It looks decorative and used by upper class families to add to their prestige.

Disadvantages of Solid Wood Furniture

• As it is a kind of natural wood, so its cost is higher.

• It requires extra care in the production procedure to dry the wood, cut it and do the patchwork. In case, any process is not done carefully, solid wood may deform or crack and loose joints.

• It though protects the environment, but any moisture while using may affect it badly.

• You can not easy to move this type of furniture.

• It may damage, if you do not avoid keeping it in sunshine or high temperature.

• Beware of the manufacturers! They sell ordinary cheap wood saying that it is solid Asian oak furniture, but it is not.

If you want to keep good care of your solid wood furniture, use the floating case. In this system, the surface of the furniture items is bracketed or another method is to make large holes for the screw sliding. These techniques will save your furniture from damage and ensure its durability. To avoid from any kind of fraud and misinformation, Federal Trade Commission has strictly banned the advertisements of solid wood, if they are not purely solid and sold on the name of being solid.

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