Staircase at home – as general truth – is a medium to link from the first to second floor or more. It is so simple, right? The definition is simply like that, but not for the staircase design. Does it’s act only like a ladder? The answer is yes and no. Yes, as it has the same function and no as staircase has many aspects apart from its function.

The aspect we have to consider for the staircase is its design. To get the desirable design we need to think about 2 important things, needs and functions. Besides, staircase for a home, it should fill at least 3 main requirements, which are aesthetic and the beauty, comfort and the last is safety.


Staircase Designs Selecting or making a staircase based on the needs and the function, it means that it must have some certain footholds that linked one to the others. We must make a comfortable footholds distance and dimension to make it comfortable and safe.

To avoid unnecessary accidents, the staircase must be bordered with stair railing and we have to prioritize the standard size of the footholds. It means that we have to select or design the footholds using suitable materials. Some designers are applying a rubber or nosing (an anti slip) on every edge of the footholds to be for more safety.

 Staircase Designs

 Staircase Designs

Designing a proper of Stairs

The experts say that to have an ideal staircase design, we must fulfill some standard requirements, like the design and the dimension should be standard, using proper materials or in other words, it can lead you from first floor to the next floor with easy and safe.

The ideal dimension for footholds is generally 15 – 20 cm for the height and 25 – 30 cm for the depth. Another important thing we must have a note is about the total height of the staircase. The ideal height of its is 3,7 meters for safety reason, but that totally depends on your building.

Staircase Designs

Model or style

The style has been changing from time to time as the house design also keeps changing. The majority of people prefers to have an L or U-shaped staircase design. The reason is these both models are fit to most kind of interior style.

Moreover, the shape of it also depends on the location. As an example, a circle-shaped staircase will be very complicated and difficult to apply in our home. It needs special technique to create that shape. The shape needs specified space to make it comfortable and ideal. Unless, your home area is very big, the designer would be able to design it for you easily.

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