Swimming keeps your body in shape and keep you healthy. It is far easier than other cardio activities and exercises, such as running, biking, cycling, hiking, etc. It is very pleasant to swim in the summer evenings. The enjoyment doubles, when there is your own backyard pool at home.

Today, there are numerous swimming pool ideas designed for the backyard. Which pool can be the best choice, it depends how much area you have for it in the yard. Some of the most spectacular ideas given by expert pool designers are as follows:

1. A Big Gunite Swimming Pool:

A big gunite Swimming Pool
If you have enough space in your home to allocate for a big swimming pool, the Gunite pool idea is the best. It is ranked at number one by the skilled pool designers. The negative edges, natural grot, a beautiful waterfall and a hot tub simply make you feel in a natural environment. You can build several relaxing corners and bar seats in it.

2. The Bridge and the Turtle Mosaics:

The bridge and the turtle mosaics pool
The specialty of this pool is the negative edges, an enchanting bridge and wonderful designs of multiple turtle mosaics. When you swim in this backyard pool, you feel like swimming in an ocean.

3. Rock Featured Pool:

Rock featured pool
This design concept is simply epic and liked by many people. The natural rocks and a big lagoon give a cool effect, brilliantly. The idea can be enhanced with the custom design, such as an outdoor arbor provides an excellent shade, where you can enjoy any time.

4. Water and Fire Features:

Water and fire features Swimming Pool
The swimming pool with the water and fire features is rated at 4th number. This is basically a Roman swimming pool design. The addition of fire feature looks great at night and enlightens the surroundings of the lake, stunningly.

5. Landscape Idea for Pool:

Landscape idea for pool
This pool design is the right choice for large yards. Other than rocks and waterfall concept. The palm trees around and landscape gives an extra chilling effect in summer, especially in the cool breeze. Sitting under the shade of garden trees and enjoying eatables is wonderful.

6. Freeform Negative Edges and Golf Course:

Freeform negative edges and golf course Swimming Pool
If you are residing on the golf course, a swimming pool with the Freeform and black corners looks awesome. The accented rocks create a natural scene.

7. Valley and Cliff View:

Valley and cliff view Swimming Pool
This pool fits for homes in which there is no backyard or a small area to allocate for the swimming pool. The rectangular shape and the extended negative edges of the pool on the valley spell bound the inmates of the house with the beautiful view of the cliff.