If you want to have a good start of your day, a vanity table can make your morning wonderful. When all the makeup items are there in a proper manner on the vanity, it fills your heart with pleasure and you welcome the day with a cherish smile. Girls are very conscious of which vanity table to choose and where to place it. Find below top cheap vanity table ideas and impress everyone:

Minty Vanity Table with Golden Touch:

Minty Vanity Table with Golden Touch
Light colors and shades are very popular for the vanity nowadays. You can give a classic look to the room by choosing a mint colored table on the wall with its golden handles and a big round mirror of white boundary.

Modern plus Traditional Touch:

Modern plus Traditional Touch Vanity Table
Let us give a modern touch with different types of frames and paintings around the circular mirror on the wall. Add a traditional furnished seat of wood color and fortify the charm.

White Clean Look:

White Vanity Table
Decorate your room by adding a gray-colored simple and cheap vanity table with the glass lamps on its sides and a round mirror on the wall. Place a white stylish convex shaped seat. This is simply awesome and clean look.

Natural Light from Window:

Vanity Table Natural Light from Window
Another appealing idea is to place the vanity table by the window so that you comb your hair and do makeup in the natural morning light. Use a comfy advanced seat in the matching color. You will feel like a princess.

Wooden Touch Table:

Vanity Wooden Touch Table
Let the legs of the cheap vanity table and seat be wooden and the shelf in white color. Add the round mirror on the wall with the wood color boundary. You will love to do makeup in such a sophisticated vibe.

Vanity Table with Built-in Storage:

Vanity Table with Built-in Storage
Generally, you have less storage areas to stuff everything in a single room. This cheap vanity is the best idea to avoid from being messed up. By appearance, it is a white colored smart and stylish vanity table, but having a lot of storage space in it where you can put all your makeup items and accessories.

Modern Wire Loop:

Vanity Table Modern Wire Loop
Beautify your room with the classy brown wire loops around the glass vanity table and wall mirror. Let the legs of the table and stool thin and long in brown color. Use jars made up of glass and put your jewelry and makeup items in them. It is a delicate glassy look of the room.

Images Source: Pinterest